Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chefs For Liberty House | Salem OR Event Photography

The second recent project I had with Liberty House was to cover their annual Chefs for Liberty House event in which supporters can come and learn more about the organization's mission, donate, play games, enjoy an amazing meal and participate in silent and live auctions. This year the event was at Creekside Golf Club.

You can read more about the event in the May 26 edition of the Statesman Journal which features some of my photography, or in the June 1st Liberty House Newsletter. The night was a huge success for Liberty House who broke their goal in raising over $95,000!

Chefs for Liberty House menu

Salem OR Event Photography

Karo Thom, Alcyone Café & Catering, appetizers

Richard Cunningham, Lakeside Restaurant Creekside Golf Club, appetizers

The silent auction room was a busy place and some items brought on intense bidding wars. The bidding in this detail
shot, for instance, went back and forth between 136 and 160 much further across the page than shown here. Salem OR Photography, Chefs for Liberty House silent auction

While perusing the silent auction and trying the myriad appetizers, guests enjoyed the music of Bill Hughes and Wagner Trindade. music Bill Hughes and Wagner Trindade

Thank you gifts for those who win the live auction prizes and the Wall of Wine
where for a small donation guests can purchase a mystery bottle worth up to $60. Chefs for Liberty House Thank Yous, Wall of Wine

Salem OR Event Photographer Chefs for Liberty House

The entertaining game of Heads or Tails required a $10 purchase of a beaded necklace to enter. When the time came, participants stood and chose "heads" or "tails" by holding that respective area on themselves! A coin was flipped and the winners stayed in for another round. Art James won the prize of half the pot for entering the game, but promptly donated it back to Liberty House. Salem OR Photographer, Heads or Tails

During the meal the audience gave a hearty round of applause to these amazing chefs that helped make the night possible:
Michael Sullivan, Chef de Cuisine catering; Karo Thom, Alcyone Café & Catering; Pedro Rosales, La Margarita Co.; Paul Lieggi, Bon Appetit;
David Rosales, La Capitale Brasserie; Richard Cunningham, Lakeview Restaurant at Creekside Golf Club. Salem OR Photography, Chefs for Liberty House

Michael Sullivan, Chef de Cuisine, dessert

Some of the incredible live auction prizes. Oregon Event Photographer, Chefs for Liberty House live auction

The live auction was a highly entertaining and lively event. Some bidding wars were great enough that everyone won with the top two bidders both walking away with the prize and Liberty House getting double the donation. Oregon Event Photography, Chefs for Liberty House live auction

Everyone came away having had an amazing evening. Salem OR Photographer, Chefs for Liberty House Dinner Auction

Salem OR Photography, Chefs for Liberty House Dinner Auction

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