Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spider Soup

Halloween means a few "spooky dinners" for my kids and this year I actually came up with a new one all on my own!

Spider Soup

Halloween Spider Soup
We have many variations of "nacho soup" in our family, nacho being the magic word to get the kids to eat any Mexican-esque soup, or basically anything with beans of some sort in it, from white bean to black.
For this one I went with a bloody (tomato) base with maggots (rice) and flys and beetles (black beans) stuck under a big spiders web (sour cream with milk to thin for piping on) and a great big spider on top. I cut the spider out myself from tortillas and used Halloween cookie cutters to make additional spooky homemade tortilla chips. Cheese is an important part of any "nacho" soup but since I wanted to see the maggots and bugs and wanted a flat surface for the web, I went with a slice in the middle instead of shredding it on top.

Halloween Spider Soup, Halloween Tortilla Chips

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  1. Can I copy you? This is a great healthy filling dinner for trick or treat night!