Sunday, April 17, 2011

i {heart} faces "Wind"

This week's i♥faces theme is wind.

I discovered a few things in contemplating this theme:

1. As the mother to 3 boys, my personal work is not filled with flowy blowing hair.
2. My professional work has apparently not encountered much wind, nor do we really get that much wind here compared to other places I've lived.
3. Even when we go to the beach where there's lots of wind, I still have boys and the cold Oregon beaches inspire the use of hats anyway.

Thus, I'm going with this rare self-portrait of my husband and I atop the Columbia River Gorge where it is always very windy. In fact, it felt like we were going to be blown off the cliff here.


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1 comment:

  1. Great self portrait! I need to take more of them myself! I had the same problem finding a photo! My boys have short cropped hair! You can't see wind anywhere! And my latest sessions were not windy at all, even on the beach! Oh well, we went with a shot on the swings!