Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aaron + Bobbi Wedding

It's been so busy around here and I've been a bad blogger, but I'm breaking the silence with a selection of Aaron and Bobbi's (anxiously awaited!) wedding pictures!
We had such amazingly gorgeous weather which was a real blessing considering this time in Oregon is a lot of rain and more rain.
Congratulations you two! I will have your gallery up very soon!

Portland OR LDS Temple Wedding

Portland OR Wedding Party Photography

Salem OR Wedding Party Bridesmaids Groomsmen

Salem OR Wedding Photography


Portland OR Mormon Temple Wedding

Temple Reflection Pool Kiss

Portland OR Wedding Photography

Portland Oregon LDS Temple Wedding

Lake Oswego Oregon Wedding Photographer

Portland OR Sunset Wedding

Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer

Bride Bouquet Wedding Photography

Salem Oregon Wedding Photographer

Salem OR Wedding Ring Photography

Salem Oregon Wedding Photography

Portland Oregon Wedding Photography

Salem OR Wedding Reception Flower Photography

Salem OR Wedding Reception Photography

Salem OR Wedding Bridesmaids Groomsmen

Salem OR Bouquet Toss Garter Removal Photography

Salem OR Wedding First Dance Photographer

Salem OR Wedding Photographer

Salem OR Wedding Reception Photographer